The gift of a supportive family is one of the many reasons I have to be truly grateful.  Their love and laughter, the subtle nudging of my beautiful wife, have allowed the freedom to pursue my purpose as an artist.  As a good friend often reminds me:       

 "Peter, if you want to go slow...go alone.  If you want to go far...go together".  

Embrace Your Passion


Cavaliers to BLAST!  Sea World to Disney, my life as a performer and artist has been an eclectic one.  I have had the opportunity to design for high schools, universities, stage productions and theme parks like the Disneyland Resort where I'm currently a proud part of the Disneyland Band.  As a composer I've scored for various ensembles and settings, including  a new Drum Major emote for Epic Games: Fortnite.

Past Clients

Live Inspired


Towards the end of his life the  great cellist Pablo Casals was asked by a reporter, "Pablo, you are the greatest cellist of all time.  Why do you still practice 5 hours a day?"  Pablo's response, "Because I think I'm making progress."